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by Revocation

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Fallen disciples praising the exalted goat But we bow down to no man Satanic rites of empathy and equality Deemed “demonic” by the lamb Worshipping at the chapel of the adversary Missionaries of your infernal majesty Monoliths of the diabolical erected in defiance, against the servants of the light Champions of hell have been invoked to crush the cursed creatures of the Christian right Countless heretics maimed, hung by the noose in his name or viciously slain by their weapons of hate Hades’ gates now overflow with burning souls Onward to victory! Set their commandments ablaze Cast down from the heavens Plunged into the vermillion pit Forsaken by your lord on high For untold centuries our legions have multiplied Now Satan’s forces spread like lice Our shadow descends upon these holy grounds The effigy of the dark one now rises Blasphemous triumph We stand victorious before oppressive messiahs Worshipping at the chapel of the adversary We embody the anti-trinity
A solitary candle illuminates the ritual The seance shall commence at the toll of midnight A frigid cold chills the air as questions are asked of the spirit board Invisible hands now guide the planchette Call it by its name will it into existence The Audient Void replies in ominous whispers Feel its presence sinister and primordial Multifarious its forms innumerable Demoniacal possession Tormented by abyssal wisdom Unholy insurrection Mesmerized by blasphemous visions Contorted the metamorphosis has begun Eyes rolling backwards speaking in tongues A fruitful host for this demonic seed The candle now ablaze as the medium levitates His vile transformation now complete With knowledge comes consequence Hard lessons in occult theft Forsaken by the exorcist This vessel of malevolence Infernal upheaval of the holy spirit Perpetually bound to He, the lurker of the abyss
All hope withers like a dying weed Irrational minds now warped by hate Opportunistic vultures come to feed On the carcass of the state Our eyes affixed on the hands of the doomsday clock Force fed fear and misery Systemic collapse light the match Stoke the fires of enmity Hear the bellowing Horn of Abraxas It calls to the beast that lives in the heart of every man Possessed by its words spellbound by its sigil The captivated masses guided by his hand Erect the gallows hang the betrayers Kill them all the dissidents must pay Those who’ve bred this malice reap what they have sown Engulfed by the surging flames Sulphurous smoke rises as chaos reigns An empire brought unto its knees Glimmers of light consumed by darkness Spirits devoured by the beast Gaze upon this grotesque visage of a collapsing dominion The summation of our failures Nihilistic violence bloodshed in the streets Vitriolic media poisoning society Exploited by your idols entranced by their facades Your leaders have deserted you abandoned by your gods Doomed to repeat the cruel lessons of our bloodstained history The human mind a fertile host for growing hatred’s tainted seeds
“Woe be unto he whose eyes gaze upon this cursed text” The mystic warned me in my dreams I felt her presence her visions were so real I must admit that this ancient tome seemed insignificant at first But with each passing chapter I unlocked its curse The curse of maddening whispers Behind my eyes I see the Yellow Sign Strange is the night where black stars rise His symbol emblazoned in my mind Removal of the pallid mask reveals what lurks behind As my obsession grew each day I become more withdrawn Shunning my loved ones, refusing all visitors Isolated in my reading chambers Sleep deprived and extremely dehydrated In fever dreams his voice resonates deep within my soul I search for him under surreal moons pacing the eternal lake Breaking down the door my family frantically searches my room Only the tome remains I’ve vanished without a trace Where black stars hang in the heavens is where he waits for me Enrobed by his aura I take the hand of the Yellow King He who eats time Emperor of this ageless plane Encircled by nighted towers His fathomless glare now upon me As the twin suns sink behind the lake The shadows lengthen in dim Carcosa Strange moons circling throughout the skies But stranger still is lost Carcosa Songs that the Hyades shall sing Must die unheard in silent Carcosa Where celestial tears are forever shed I lay my head in lost Carcosa
Welcome to our bloodless domain A manor of human remains Join us in this exaltation of decay Cadaverous architecture Wandering through chambers of osseous monoliths Lost in a phantasmal labyrinth of no escape Descending down the skeletal staircase deeper into the catacombs Ghastly effigies put on display in galleries of sinew and bone The gaunt architect lurks from behind the shadows Lurching like a languid Elagabalus With each passing visitor his monuments grow Your skull mounted upon the reaper’s obelisk Columns of fractured femurs Chandeliers of scoliotic spines These exsanguine creations brought to life by a deranged mind Ghoulish pillars built from skeletons Sallow hands working tirelessly Masterpieces of morbid artistry Emaciated captives imprisoned within the vaulted tomb The coffin’s lid nailed shut dulling the screams of the newly entombed Within necrotic dungeons corpses are fused into nightmarish sculptures Grotesque exhibits for the curator’s collection
Godforsaken 04:45
Worshipping at his altar Hands outstretched in praise This cult of revelation awaiting the end of days Looking down from the heavens Celestial eyes filled with disdain There will be no ascension for our godforsaken race A choir of ghouls echoing below Chanting vile hymns from the depths The jaws of the dragon open wide Welcoming you with its fiery breath No path to salvation in this holy book Denied the answers you seek Your tortured screams go unanswered Your pitiful prayers were too weak Plague spreads like the fevers of Perinthus As locust swarm the skies Civilizations swallowed by cataclysmic floods Volcanic fissures rupture continents Plunging all of humanity into lakes of boiling blood The all-consuming vermillion flame Devourer of God’s failed creations Inverted rapture Rejected spirits heaved into the abyss Forsaken salvation Sentenced to the eternal burning pit
A pallid must now rises through frigid corridors A prophecy foretold by the sorcerer The shadows out of time return to claim these lands Casting infinite darkness upon the sons of man A blighted twilight births a foreboding eclipse Black clouds blot out the horizon Sprawling cities once standing triumphant, bow to its tenebrous might History fading all legacies lost in this realm of undying night Storms loom overhead as the cosmic maelstrom churns The heavens howl with cacophonous thunder Oceans drained into bottomless chasms, earthly kingdoms devoured Feeding nihility’s hunger Clashing elementals The origin of creation Born of hellfire and primordial frost Celestial upheaval The resurgence of ultimate nothingness The cosmos inhaled Into the void of the yawning abyss
Re-Crucified 03:44
Refused at the gates banished to the underworld My only crime? A denial of Christ Descending into this fiery pit of thriving chaos Through arcane portals I enter pandemonium Surrounded by corpses of souls and the ashes of angels My igneous guide escorts me through the inferno The burning stench of tainted flesh fills the acrid air As we journey onward through the circles of hell This woeful forest moans as branches break like necks beneath our feet A brood of harpies nesting in these rotted trees Their talons scratch and claw at the spirits of the oak Beyond the wood we travel further onto planes of blood and smoke Inverted crosses litter the horizon Sinners lashed by devil whips and speared in their sides Demonic hammers driving infernal nails into the souls of the re-crucified Vile wings beat these frozen winds Encased in ice Prisoners of the 9th chasm Behold the 3 faces of the inverted trinity I, the abyssal god The beast of black infinity


released September 9, 2022


all rights reserved



Revocation Boston, Massachusetts

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